Pharmaceutical/Medical Strength Peels


The Lira peels have been developed exclusively for licensed professionals, utilising the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior SKIN!!!! The Lira peel range contains outstanding advanced formulas using multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals that generate visible remarkable results.

Dermal Therapist quote: This is by far the most outstanding range of Clinical Peels that I have practiced with in my 12 years of dermal therapy. It is totally amazing to witness the Clients skin respond to this unqiue range. It has an introduction peel for the 1st timers that immediately changes the appearance of the skin, then we progress within the range as the Clients skin acclimatisers to this wonderful range of Classic Peels. Lira’s code to more youthful skin is simply the doing’s of  Refreshing, Refines, Rebuilds & Revives the Skin…..SKIN CHANGER…..GAME CHANGER!!!!

Lira Peel Information Booklet – pdf – DOWNLOAD NOW

Pumpkin Enzyme (30 mins) $75
(2 layers + Retinol) – Add on $95
Bioptron Light Therapy (30 mins) $135
Lactic Clear Refiner (30 mins) $85
(2 layers + Retinol) – Add on $105
Bioptron Light Therapy (30 mins)  $135
Hydroxy 30 (30 mins) $85
(2 layers + Retinol) $105
Bioptron Light Therapy (30 mins)  $135
Salicylic Pulp (30 mins) $65
(2 layers + Retinol) $85
Green Power Peel + Retinol – similar to the Herbal Peel (60 mins) $140
Mineral Jessner Rebuilder (45 mins)  $120

Lira Facial Peels



Chirally correct/ Advanced Encapsulated Technology Dermal Pro is based on medical strength actives to work “SKIN DEEP” to deliver skin health and optimise cellular function.

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Peels are formulated with the purest medical grade (post-op) delivery systems. These highly effective Clinical Peels are created specifically for the Australian climate & our Australian common skin complaints. The key secret is they are essential to AGE PROOFING YOUR SKIN whilst accelerating healing & rejuvenation giving you the ULTIMATE SKIN HEALTH & SKIN YOUTH. You “O” it to yourself!!!

Please note that you must be using the recommended home care products to acclimatise your skin before we start the Clinical Peel programme. This range of Peels are Active, Stimulating & certainly awaken your SENSES!!!

Pomegranate Enzyme $55
Pumpkin Enzyme $55
Oxygen Enzyme Peel $60
Bio White Peptide Peel $60
Catalyst Retinol Peel $110

This range of peels are usually layered when the skin has become acclimatised. Within 6 treatments cell optimisation has reformed.

OCosmetics Facial Peels



Chirally Correct/Clinically Advanced is this range of Peels. The Superior Retinol 30% + Lactic 20% is a mid strength peel. The Superficial Peels also have high active ingredients to rejuvenate.



Encapsulated Retinol and L-Lactic Acid this medium depth peel dramatically reduces the appearance of ageing skin and pigmentation. Skin health, AGE-DEFYING-SKIN is yours!!!

60 min $150


Infusing the skin with powerful antioxidants whilst stimulating collagen, resulting in a much firmer toned and smoother textured skin.

Stand Alone Peel (20 mins) $60
Microderm & Peel (30 mins) $70


Invigorating stimulating antioxidant enzyme peel that leaves the skin refreshed glowing and smoothly textured. This is a great pre-party peel for fabulous skin.

Stand Alone Peel (30 mins) $55
Microderm & Peel (30 mins) $65

Facial Peels Caboolture