Non Laser Tattoo Removal – SKINIAL

SKINIAL – Non Laser Tattoo Removal

TATTOOS……………..Tattoo’s are EVERYWHERE!!! Look around you and you will see probably one in three people have INK!!!! Whether the INK was done because of a dare, because of LOVE, because everyone else has one, or a drunken dare or just because you wanted one… is there!!! So as time goes by some of us kinda grow out of them or regret them or with employment opportunities ….your once loved tattoo is not welcomed. Well rest assure as time goes by technology moves and there are SAFE WAYS to remove that Tattoo.


The SKINIAL method uses a unique micro pigmentation machine which tattoo’s  over the tattoo dispursting a physiological lactic acid liquid into the area of concern. Before our very eyes it bonds with the ink in the skin and instantaneously draws it to the surface of the skin. It is also important to know that this form of removal is successful in removing all colors in “one session only”.  The procedure is executed by doing small circular dots leaving an area between the dots so the untouched skin then helps to heal the treated skin. The procedure takes a number of treatments depending on the size of the tattoo however the end result will be successful removal of the ink with a very lessened chance of scaring the skin.

Skinial Brisbane North - Non Laser Tattoo Removal Caboolture

By preforming this method of removal I can say with great confidence that this is the safest way for your SKIN & your BODY to remove the ink from the skin. As more Clinical data comes available there is now solid evidence to show that many inks used in tattoo’s contain carcinogens, which simply means that people are having cancer producing particles injected directly into their skin. So when you a thinking “removal” do take into consideration that Laser Tattoo removal actually blast’s, shatters the ink pigments, thus making those particles highly unstable & more likely to flow into the body’s lymph system……if they are small enough they may then pass into the blood stream & come to rest anywhere in the body. This means there is a chance that it can be distributed into your major organs.  SCARY!!!!! So there is lots to think about.

So it’s was extremely important that you explore your options and choose the SAFEST method of removal. One that is SAFE for your Skin & safe for the health of your BODY!!!

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