Cosmetic Injections


At SKiNtrinsic we will only work alongside highly skilled reputable professionals.

Jennifer Roati has been in the cosmetic industry for over 25 years working alongside cosmetic surgeons/dermatologists and is professionally trained with cosmetic injections. We can guarantee you precise knowledge and experience in abundance of any cosmetic injections you are requiring.

Jenny will give you a free consultation advising you honestly what would be the best way to enhance and beautify your facial structure.

For all the experience Jen comes with the costing with either anti wrinkle injections or Fillers is extremely reasonable.

You must remember when it comes to cosmetic injections you must be under very skilled hands as there is no room for mistakes.

Become Excited with the fact that your face will be instantly refreshed to a more YOUTHFUL YOU. Lets turn back the time!!!!

• Facial Assessment
• Treatment Plan
• Anti wrinkle injections/dermal fillers

Consultation Required Costing TBA