Acne Managment

At SKiNtrinsic we specialise in acne to better manage this disruptive Skin disorder.


Surprisingly 75 – 80% of people suffer from some form of Acne. It’s a broad spectrum and indications can be blackheads/whiteheads/pimples/pustules/cysts/comedones. Acne is fundamentally your genetics  and hormones and how your hormones act and programme your skin.

Consultation is recommended to be able to sight the degree whether it be mild, toxic, cystic etc. Depending on which category the acne falls into it can then be treated in clinic with a varience of corrective treatments and prescribed skincare products for home use. If falling into the higher end of the scale you will be directed to seek a doctor, naturapath or hormonal professional to treat the acne internally.

This disruptive skin disorder that errupts by clogging the pores or over activity of the sebaceous glands producing excess oils, dead cells and bacteria needs to be identified and to seek treatments before the acne scars become heavily embeded and can permanently damage the skin.

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Effective Treatment

Today, almost all acne’s can be successfully treated… if you get on top of it early!!!! Finding effective acne treatments is to take on an individual approach. Factors that make Acne treatments successful are patience and diligence.

All Acne treatments require in Clinic & anti-acne home care regimen.


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In Clinic Acne Treatments

Treatments are determined by the stage your Acne is at. Some of the following treatments will be recommended to help eradicate the problem.

  • Salicylic or Glycolic Clinical Peels – Delivery system submerges into pores of skin & kills of bacteria  within the skin
  • Microdermbrasion – removes damaged superficial skin
  • Blue Light Led Light Therapy – Controls Acne bacteria, reduces skin oiliness
  • IPL – Helps to kill of the Acne bacteria. Reduces redness/inflammation
  • Essential Home Care Products – We have suitable pharmaceutical products
  • Clear Skin Care/ Retinol Products