At Skintrinsic we host a broad range of medical, cosmedical, pharmeceutical skin care products, from top end products to excellent basics. You will be prescribed the VERY BEST, most suitable skin care products for your home care, that will work in conjunction with the modalities your undergoing. The will help achieve the desired effect, of bringing your skin to its healthiest level and slowing down the ageing process.

Using quality cosmeceutical ingredients within an effective delivery system to keep cell communication at its optimum, ensuring that the skin cells are receiving the right signals & passing the message along to the deeper cells. This is very important in skincare. My belief  is that results are based on how the cells “speak to each other” & what signals they are sending to the cells deep down. What I’m iterating here is for skin savvy persons to introduce Retinol/Vitamin A into there daily routine.

In anti-ageing, we do use ingredients that affect the deeper layers of the skin safely & effectively, without introducing dangerous chemicals (natural or synthetic) into the body. The only way we can effect the dermis is with cell communicating ingredients such as Peptides, Retinol (Vitamin A) & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which “pass on the message” from the surface to the cells in the dermis, such as the fibroblasts which is responsible for collagen & elastin production.

The other way we can affect the dermis is with modalities such as Medical Skin Needling, Bioptron Light Therapy, SWiCH™ Circardia’s Rejuvenation Dermal Peel and Skin Rejuvenation – IPL.

These modalities work by a number of different methods, for example(mechanical manipulation) using the treatment of ” Medical Skin Needling” creates dermal injury where the result of this is a cascading amount of cellular response  and activity therefore events take place within this rebuilding process will result in stimulation of collagen strengthend elastic fibrerous tissues, which is your underlying structure of skin. So not only does this rebuild, strengthen the skin it also slows down the ageing skin process.

By preforming a Chemical manipulation such as the SWICH Dermal Peel it also produces a more increased cellular production, along with the stimulation of Collagen and strengthening of elastic fiberous tissues. End result  a stronger, more plumped out beautiful skin.

Plaxpot, Lira, Circadia, Environ, Beauté Pacifique, O Cosmedics, Cleanskincare and Inika Mineral Makeup.

Medical Multi-Plasma Device

Plasma Plaxpot is a new revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin, no injectable anaesthetics, minimal downtime with surgery like results that can last up to five years.

  • Non Surgery, No Stitches
  • No Injection Anesthesia
  • Lasting Result
  • Quick & Easy Procedure
  • No Cutting of Skin
  • No Thinning of Skin

Plaxpot works on a completely different mechanism of action compared to laser or other treatments. By generating plasma, Plaxpot maintains the vitality of the tissue much better than other methods of skin tightening or rejuvenation.


Lira Clinical utilizes the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior skin care. We produce our products with exclusive formulas using topical probiotics, multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Lira’s innovative Guide and Protect System™ simplifies skin care regimen design. With GPS, you can precisely chart a highly effective resurfacing treatment program targeted at treating damage at specific depths of the epidermis. As a result, you will see more corrective results in a more efficient time line.


Circadia skincare created by Dr. Pugliese, is centered on the body’s circadian rhythms, defending from environmental insult during the day, and stimulating repair mechanisms during sleep. Circadia’s products utilize paraben-free preservative systems, a multitude of cutting edge ingredient technologies and specialty items for comprehensive treatment of aging skin, pigmentation disorders, acne and rosacea. The company also boasts a clinically evaluated moisturizing pillow case which is a exclusive all-night skin care treatment accessory.


Environ Products may look like just another Skin Care range but nothing could be further from the truth!!!!

It’s a  Skin Care that goes beyond the ordinary, further than pure Cosmedic enhancement, using Environ will deliver “Beautiful Skin for a life time”.

These products are beautiful in themselves. They leverage pioneering science to deliver optimum results. Our products are central to the beauty programmes of celebrities & A-Listers across the globe. Recommended by Dermatologists & Beauty Gurus everywhere.

Environ combines the best of the modern science with a deep passion for Healthy Skin!!! Founded by an internationally recognised Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Environ is a world leader in products for Anti Ageing & a wide range of skin conditions.

Beaute Pacifique

Beauté Pacifique is Danish skin care that effectively works on both age degeneration and sun damage.

The Beauté Pacifique range of skin care products are made to fulfill near-medical claims. These benefits can be demonstrated by ultrasound-scanning “before and after” and are visibility apparent in the mirror.

  • Rebuilds the skin’s elasticity and collagen fibres
  • Gives your skin the most beautiful glow
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Beaute Pacifique Products

O Cosmedics

The true beauty of an individual lies in self confidence. We celebrate its potency, write about it, sing about it & succumb to its allure. As an individual you know the condition of your skin……… takes a lead role in your self confidence. With confidence comes empowerment.

Youthful, healthy skin requires daily commitment partnered with superior formulations. So when you give your skin daily attention with O, you’ll benefit from the purest combination of Medical grade ingredients & cosmetic science blended harmoniously with nature. Its Skin Care integrity at it’s BEST delivering a staggering list of benefits!!!!

Our superior formulations, cutting edge technology & chirally correct active ingredients will do when we are taking action to achieve your healthiest SKIN YET. O’ transforms your skin at the deepest level & regenerates CELL optimisation to it’s highest level.



Clearskincare is an Australian made range created by Dr Phillipa McCafferty some 16 years ago. Dr Phillipa is a Doctor that was specialising in women’s health. Under that umbrella she was treating a huge percentage with hormone imbalance issues which were having an unsightly effect on these women and girls skin. So passion driven she set about to create a range that was formulated to counteract these conditions, to clear the agitation and inflammation of Acne. So also included within this range are some specialty serum products for Sun damage, Pigmentation and Ageing all concerns that us women have with our skin.

So to sum it up, this is a range that I prescribe a lot of my younger clientele say 16 – 25 years. The philosophy is to help as many people as possible and enjoy HEALTHY, BLEMISH FREE SKIN at affordable pricing. We are wanting exceptional client satisfaction!!!!



INIKA!!!! Pure  Nataural  Flawless. The “only” true Organic make-up brand, trusted worldwide & the make-up choice for stylishly natural women everywhere.

Winner of over 35 Cosmetic Awards of product excellence & innovation even out preforming big name brands in open categories.

Inika began in 2006 with a natural drive & passion. We wanted to produce gorgeously natural cosmetics that people would fall in love with, that would enhance the skin’s natural beauty with sheer ease. We wanted to prove to the world that a pure natural make-up would not & did not compromise on performance or fashion!!!  Now Inika is sold in over 25 Countries.

INIKA is a true certified organic, vegan, halal & cruelty free & is the only make-up that SKINTRINSIC prescribes………WHY…because it’s the BEST SKIN FOOD MAKE-UP on the market today.

Image-Healthy is Beautiful