Jenny Wendell

Jenny WendellSkintrinsic (Formally ‘Facial Facts Clinical Skin’) was born purely from my fascination of Skin. When I was a young girl, because of my fair skin that was coated in freckles, I was completely in awe of other people’s skin.

When I was in my early twenties, I packed up and stored all my belongings and set off to back pack around the world. I was gone for over 18 months, traveling throughout various Countries… Asia – Greece – Holland – England – Russia – India – Nepal.

I was in total fascination of the skin of these nationalities.

From the youthful, coffee-coloured skin of the Asian women to the Nepalese Tribal women who were delicately covered in fair to lightly tanned translucent-skin with these amazing beautifully sculptured faces. AND these naturally beautiful rosy cheeks!!! Just divine.

Then over to England. I would strike up conversation with these elderly ladies, on the Tube Trains, just to scan my eyes over their beautiful flawless complexions. Oh peaches and cream. I found it hard to comprehend that they were in this ageless-skin!!! Oh the joys of living in a Country that is not privy to many sunny-days or nasty UV rays.

Coming from a medical background, it all just came together. Going forth with study…100% focused on skin, I wanted to create a clinic with the soul purpose and attention to THE HEALTH OF YOUR SKIN.

12 years later the passion hasn’t faded!!! I relish in helping people transform their skins to the highest level of health and beautification. It gives them so much more confidence and self-belief.

Regular clinical skin treatments, not only rid the skin of dead keratinocyte cells, they also help remove abnormal skin cells that can have a high chance of turning into Solar Keritosis (Skin Cancers). The process also keeps the Epidermis thinned allowing for a much higher penetration of active ingredients from your home care products that you already use.